Faux Leather Photo Frame Keepsake Box

$ 527.60

Communicate Your Brand Awesomeness™ with this faux leather photo frame box that holds a 4" x 6" photo in the lid and has lots of storage space inside for keeping small office items close at hand.

It's packed full of gourmet confections everyone will be thrilled to receive... smooth Chocolate Covered Almonds, creamy Caramels covered in Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with Sea Salt, buttery Almond Toffee, and fresh-roasted Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Nearly one and a quarter-pounds of gourmet treats!

We include a generic seascape photo that recipients can easily replace with one of their own.

Your logo, foil-stamped in gold on the inside cover, will be a subtle reminder of this terrific gift. 

Your customers and employees will be thrilled to receive this gift.

Each gift tower contains:

  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts, 5 oz.
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, 4.75 oz. (8 pieces)
  • Milk Chocolate Almonds, 5 oz.
  • English Butter Toffee, 5 oz. (12 pieces)

Maple Ridge Farms, America's preferred choice for delicious business gifts.

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