How a teeny, weeny little calendar sold a house.


Ok so we get a call each year from Alice, the nicest realtor from a state in the southeast.

"Hi this is Alice. May I place a reorder for my little calendars."

I get the call and always introduce myself.

"Well you know every year I send these out for the holidays. People call me for them. Do you have any idea how many houses I have sold with these darn little calendars?"

I always tell her "I am sure tons!"

"Yes I do sell a lot of houses in my little town and its because of these little things I do. You folks are always so nice and I like the price."

We like you to Alice! We love these little peel and stick calendars for so many reasons:

People love gifts! Giving these handy little magnetic real estate calendars out during the holidays means you are a giver.

The magnetic back means it is going right where you want it: the refrigerator! Think about it, your message gets seen several times a day, all year long!

This magnetic real estate calendar is so easy to mail! This particular style of magna peel and stick calendar (also known as tear off calendars) include all the envelopes. 

We also love the full color image area for your business card. You can peel and stick your business card to the do-it-yourself style or for a bit more spoil yourself and have your business card printed on the magnet.

Alice called again this year (back in March) to share another sold house story with us.

"The people I sold the house for told me they felt like they knew me all these years. They mentioned my little tiny, weeny calendars and I thought you folks at Kaylin should know." Thanks Alice!

Contact us if you would like more information on the peel and stick calendars 

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