Crazy is good when it comes to marketing!

Crazy is how it is around here, but I love it." David one of our technology clients tells us.

We normally "noodle" or if you want to get fancy "strategize" twice a year for ideas to keep his company, a technology recruiting firm, top of mind with potential recruits and firms looking to hire.

We throw around the usual ideas: creative mailer, mousepads, notecubes, USB memory flash drives, pens and this handy jolt charger was presented.

We have to be creative with logo product ideas, promotional products, and giveaways that diminish the brand value. We look for strong promotional technology ideas that will increase brand recognition and brand loyalty.

Promotional phone charger personalized with a custom imprint or logo.


He initially did this order for a small quantity to see what the reaction was. "Everyone loves this charger and everyone needs it." Needless to say he has since done three more orders and it appears everyone is happy, including David's boss (they landed a big deal!).

Here are some other tech items we love that helps to keep your brand front and center:

 Keep it fresh: Now it's time to remember that with any marketing or promotional campaign you must track your results and keep it fresh. While you keep your branding or messaging consistent you will also need to keep your marketing fresh. How do you keep it fresh? Keep up with the latest trends, tips and new products that will reinforce your marketing and branding efforts.

To learn more about the portable phone, iPad, iPhone or Android device jolt charger contact us for more information on promotional phone chargers or phone banks.


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